Cleaning and your gums

Our aim is to help minimise your need for ongoing dental treatment.

Regular 6 monthly checkup and cleans –
● Helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy.
● Prevents an issue from developing; or
● Allows intervention and treatment before the issue progresses further.
● Results in treatment that minimises treatment costs, and time.

It can also help to minimise inconvenient toothaches.


Often our patients have never had their gums thoroughly examined. We provide preventative advice and treatment to help control the gum disease.

Bleeding, red and swollen gums are not normal! Gaps developing between your teeth and gum recession could be a sign of periodontal (gum) disease.

The gums are the foundation that holds our teeth. If gum disease develops and is not detected early, it may mean that your tooth will become loose and will ultimately be lost.

Call to arrange a comprehensive checkup so that we can provide you with an assessment of your gums.

Read the gum disease fact sheet.