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Have you ever noticed a crack in your tooth and wondered what could be done? Unfortunately, not all cracked teeth can be treated the same way –they are complex. However, there is hope -dentists have developed several treatments to repair cracks depending on the severity. Keep reading for more information about how dental professionals approach cracked tooth repair.


Different types of cracks 

As we examine the various treatments accessible for cracked teeth, it’s critical to comprehend the different types of cracks and what they imply for your dental health.



To give you a better understanding, here are some of the most frequent fractures dentists observe:


Craze lines

These are very small cracks that run along the surface of your enamel and do not extend into the underlying structure. Craze lines are usually painless and do not require treatment unless they have caused discolouration in your tooth. 


Fractured cusp 

This type of fracture occurs when part of a cusp (the pointy part) is broken off due to trauma or decay. If caught early enough, these fractures can often be repaired with a filling or crown.  


Split tooth

This type of fracture occurs when there is an extensive crack that runs through both sides of the tooth, causing it to split into two pieces. Split teeth are typically treated with root canal therapy followed by a crown or bridge restoration. 


Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth occurs when there is an extensive crack that runs from the top to bottom but does not cause the actual splitting of two pieces. Typically, these fractures will require root canal therapy followed by either a crown or veneers for repair. 


Treatments for cracked teeth

Depending on which type of fracture you have, your dentist will recommend one or more treatment options to restore your smile to its original condition and prevent further damage down the line. In some cases, no treatment may be necessary if the crack doesn’t pose any immediate risks to your dental health (i.e., craze lines). Otherwise, here are some common treatments used for repairing cracked teeth:



Fillings can be used to repair minor fractures such as craze lines or fractured cusps if caught early enough before extensive damage has been done to your tooth structure.  


Dental crowns/ bridges

Crowns and bridges can be used to restore broken cusps as well as give extra protection and strength for cracked teeth that don’t require root canal therapy yet still need additional support from restorative work such as fillings or bonding materials like composite resin. 


treatments for cracked teeth brighton le sands Veneers/ laminates

Veneers/laminates are thin porcelain shells that cover up cracked or chipped teeth while also providing an aesthetically pleasing result since they mimic natural enamel perfectly!

They may also require less preparation than a traditional crown since they cover only part of your existing tooth enamel rather than all around it like a crown would do (depending on where exactly you need it).   


Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy may be necessary if there is an infection present inside the pulp chamber caused by deep cracking extending into this area where nerve endings reside; this procedure involves removing all infected tissue within this chamber before sealing it off completely with either gutta percha material or composite resin depending on its location inside your mouth (i.e. whether it’s visible or hidden away deep within). Then comes either crowning/veneering overtop this newly sealed area afterwards so as not only to protect it from further damage but also to improve its aesthetic appearance as well


• Dental implant

In severe cases of a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth, your dentist may decide to perform a tooth extraction. You can easily restore your missing tooth through different dental restorative procedures such as dental implants and dentures etc.

Nobody enjoys dealing with a cracked or broken tooth; however, receiving prompt treatment can help avert additional damage from happening later on – and keep you smiling confidently. Depending on the type of fracture you have, your dentist will recommend one or more treatments which may range from observing craze lines to root canal therapy followed by veneering/crowning overtop thereafter; however, don’t give up hope.


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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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