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Are you interested in cosmetic or orthodontic treatment, dentures, or dental implants? Do you suffer from TMJ pain? Or maybe you just haven't seen a dentist for a while, and you're not sure where to start?
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New Patient Welcome Package 60-minute Comprehensive Checkup X-rays, Orthodontic Assessment

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Going to see the dentist is not usually something people love doing. Most are anxious, worried or embarrassed and have delayed their dental problems for some time. That’s why we allocate 60 minutes for your first comprehensive check-up so that Dr Janice can spend time getting to know you, understand your concerns, examine your teeth and gums and explain things thoroughly before starting treatment. When patients know that they are not getting treatment on their first visit, they can relax!


No matter how young or old, Dr Janice always spends time with her patients to equip them with the skills to improve their oral hygiene. Good brushing and flossing can help keep your gums and teeth healthy. Check out the videos below!

Our aim is to help minimise your need for ongoing dental treatment

Regular 6 monthly checkup and clean –
● Helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy;
● Prevents an issue from developing – like decay;
● Allows intervention and treatment, before the issue progresses further – fillings can be done before decay damages the nerve, resulting in the need for root canal treatment or extraction;
● Results in treatment that minimises treatment costs, and time.


Often our patients have never had their gums thoroughly examined. We provide preventative advice and treatment to help control gum disease.
Bleeding, red and swollen gums are not normal! Gaps developing between your teeth, loose teeth, bad breath and gum recession could be a sign of periodontal (gum) disease.
The gums are the foundation that holds our teeth. If gum disease develops and is not detected early, it may mean that your tooth will become loose and will ultimately be lost.
Call to arrange a comprehensive checkup so that we can provide you with an assessment of your gums.

Read the gum disease fact sheet.

gum disease

Frequently Asked Questions

I brush twice a day, but why do my gums bleed?
Bleeding gums usually are a sign of unhealthy gums. When plaque is not removed, your gums become inflamed as a response to the bacterial build up. Many of my patients who come to Bright-On Bay Dental have not been shown the correct brushing or flossing techniques. Once shown, we usually see an improvement in their gums within days. The professional cleans are important, however, the daily brushing to reduce plaque is equally important!
My gums are not painful, how can I have gum disease?
Gum disease is a chronic disease and often is not painful. By the time teeth become loose, it is too late for treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial and that is why we routinely check the health of our patient’s gums.
I get two free cleans per year with my health fund, why do I have to pay the gap?
We accept the benefits from all health funds, but we are not a preferred provider for any health fund. Despite this, we have many long term patients from Medibank private, BUPA, HCF, NIB, etc who choose to stay with us because of the exceptionally meticulous cleans and the continuous care that is provided by Dr Janice and her team here.