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Emergency dentistry

At Bright-On Bay Dental, we know what it feels like when you have a toothache, a swollen face, bleeding gums after an extraction or had an accident and injured your teeth. We arrange our appointment books to keep time open for situations like these. Our online bookings are perfect for times like these!


Unfortunately, when a tooth becomes painful, it often reflects that decay has become so deep that it has damaged the nerve inside the tooth. Extraction of your tooth is an option, but if the tooth is still strong, root canal treatment can be a good option to help retain your tooth. 

Some symptoms that may indicate that your tooth may need root canal treatment.

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot/cold/sweet
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness to biting
  • Soreness in the gums around the tooth

Root canal treatment has improved significantly over the last 15 years. With improved technology, it is generally a more comfortable and quicker procedure than before, with better success rates.



The first 24 hours after an accident involving your teeth are the most important, especially if your tooth is knocked out.
If your tooth is knocked out, avoid touching the root of the tooth. Rinse with cold running water quickly (maximum of 10 seconds) if it is dirty before putting it back into the socket. Then bite down onto a towel to hold it in place. If you are unable to put the tooth back in, then store the tooth in a glass of milk, saline or saliva or you could just keep it inside your mouth if you aren’t going to swallow it. Avoid storage in water! Then get an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible!
See recommendations from International Association of Dental Traumatology

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is root canal treatment painful?
Usually, with the help of some local anaesthetic, there is very little or no pain during root canal treatment.
Why haven’t my past root canals been successful?

When teeth have had root canal treatment, that tooth is structurally weaker and has reduced capability to sense how much force is applied to it. It is important to protect the tooth after root canal treatment with a filling that will help seal off the root canal treatment to reinfection. All back teeth that have root canal treatment need to be protected with a crown/onlay.