Call Us: (02) 9538 7028
We are cooperating with NSW health to help limit movement of people within the community for non-essential reasons.

Dental treatment is a form of medical care and currently the Australian Dental Association considers there is a low risk of transmission within a healthcare facility.

If you have a dental need to be attended to or have an appointment you would like to reschedule, please call us on (02) 9538 7028 or email us

Please keep safe by checking if you have been to any of the hotspots -( or get tested if you have any COVID symptoms.

The health and well-being of our staff, patients and community is important to us. Fortunately, we have great measures in place already:

  • Hand hygiene protocols
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment ie. Masks, gloves, eye protection and scrubs/gowns
  • Dedicated dental assistant to ensure minimisation of aerosols during procedures
  • High standards of infection control procedures

Additional changes we have implemented:

  1. Prior to arrival – We screen for patient who have flu-like symptoms, have had contact with a confirmed COVID case or have recent returned from overseas.
  2. On arrival – record tracing.
  3. Hand sansitiser is readily available.
  4. Your temperature will be checked.
  5. Social distancing inside the premises.
  6. Pre-procedural mouthrise of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide.
  7. Additional stringent decontamination procedures after each patient.
  8. We now have a COVID safe business plan in place.

Depending on the level of restrictions mandated by the Australian Dental Association, there are may be other measures in place to help our community deal with controlling COVID-19.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.